Saturday, October 9, 2010

Of good books and stuck cookies

After perusing the book aisles at several Goodwill stores today, I was rewarded with several potential good books. I love the feeling of picking up a never-read-before book. It could quickly become a favorite, or it could be thrown out, never to come in contact with my life again. It's hard at first glance to tell a good book from a no-keeper.

I love reading and my books quickly become old friends. When I move into a new place I feel at home when my books are on their shelves, not when the curtains are hung. Case in point-my bedroom now. My stash of books was set up the day we moved and I have yet to hang curtains. Actually, I have yet to get curtains. And we've been here nearly three months.

I confess to being a lover of old books and old authors. Give me books by Harold Bell Wright or L. M Montgomery. I like Francena Arnold and Gene Stratton Porter. Another favorite is End of The Spear. You gotta love the old gentleman from the jungle who came back to the States with Steve.

 I like books that don't just entertain me. I like when they move me and unconsciously push me to become a bigger person. I like reading a book and then thinking about it for the next couple of hours.

Occasionally I can get into a newer book. But somehow the newer ones don't have the "old acquaintance" feel.

My problem now is I feel stuck in a rut. And your solution to my problem is to tell me who/what you enjoy reading. I love recommendations.

And since I love recommendations, here's one for you. Visit for a wide variety of books and better yet, FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. Prices start at $3.95. I can handle that :)

I've got about 25 in my wishlist and when I finally start making money, you probably won't find me on here very much :)

So, don't be shy and do tell. I would be so very obliged.


P.S. To any thriftbook executives reading this, A-HEM! This is what a lot of people call advertising.

P.PS. I'm having issues with posting pictures on here. "It" says my browser cookies function is turned off. Whatever. I know nothing whatsoever about browser cookies and what to do to make them stick. I'll stick with macadamia nut, thanks.


  1. I like Francena Arnold. And I like Harold B Wright. Oh wait, did you mention those books already? We must be related. Or browse from the same bookshelf. Or both.

  2. You know all my book recommendations already but here's a Hi, and four thumbs-up for this blog. I'll be your biggest fan ever.

  3. Yeah, i'm purty sure you know all mine already too. Wonder how that works. let's just have a little cousins' gathering here in the comment section shall we. :) and yes RAH RAH RAH RAH for vicki's new blog...i pledge to read it faithfully.

  4. carolyn,melanie and kelly--- :) You'd think we were related :) I'm glad you came over here and puh-sooed a little bit. It made me smile inside.

  5. Hmmm. Gotta think of some new ones for you. picked up some in N.E. at a library sale. Imagine that, barely have room for any souveniers and I buy four books. One is an old one with an inscription of 1894 handwritten inside. Don't know yet what year it was published. Duh. Now I can't even think of the author's name.

  6. Ah yes, I thought of it. It is The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper. I see the book was first published in 1841. Hope I can find out when this was printed.

  7. I love George MacDonald's books. All of the ones I have are edited by Michael Phillips. They are novels packed with wisdom. When I was a teenager i collected the MacDonald books along with Harold Bell Wright. Some of my most treasured books are antique H.B.W. books. I enjoyed your writing! Laurie M.

  8. Wow, if you tackle James Fenimore Cooper, you're braver than I am. Did I hear someone say "Word-y"?
    A few "must-reads" --
    Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl
    Night by Elie Wiesel is fascinating too. Both of these are about the Holocaust, and will stretch your mind.
    Mmmmmm, you said you like old books, though. What do you think of Nathaniel Hawthorne? The Scarlet Letter is pretty good.
    Anyway, those are just a few I think of.
    Nice blog! I'll be reading.

  9. Oh, my comment about Cooper was not to criticize Marylou's taste. It's probably more of a comment on my lack of it.
    And I was about to say that it's good to catch up on what's going on in your life, Vicki! I love your honesty. I think I would have liked Liberians. The Yoders are distant relatives.... :)

    P. S. I like the way you spell your name. :)