Sunday, January 2, 2011

The miracle of life

A letter to Jeremy
Welcome to the world, Jeremy, and more specifically, welcome to our world! It's nothing short of a miracle, how such a little bundle can bring such great happiness. How such a little bundle can turn a household upside-down, can keep a grown woman up most of a night, and can have cousins fighting to hold it. All this to say, you are a pretty special bundle.
You came to your family, and to us in a very special way. God, the Creator/Weaver, pulled the strings and wove together a very beautiful design that led to your arrival. You were prayed for and cried for. Your brothers wanted another sibling very badly. Your mom wanted another armful of babyness to hold. And your dad wanted another son to trail him on the farm. And then God answered prayers, and sent you.
You were surrounded by love since your birth. The people who took care of you before you became part of your forever family loved you very much. Love surrounded you and will surround you through your life.
You will learn all kinds of things in the next couple years. You will learn about colors.....white is for cows, your dad will teach you. Green and yellow are for tractors and equipment. Black and blue is for tussling and playing with your energetic brothers. And red, for a whole lot of love.

You have grandpas who will give you gator rides and teach you about golf. Your grandmas will fix all kinds of good things to eat and give you horseback rides. And your cousins.... well, we won't even start on that. Because they've already spoiled you. You whimper a little, and they all come running to see what you need. We will cuddle you when you are little, read books to you when you get older,teach you to read when you turn 2, and discuss and debate with you when you grow up. Yours will be quite the life, I can already tell.
You came to us in a unique way and because of unique circumstances. As you grow older, you may hear you are inferior becauses of it. That's not true! We are made in His likeness and He never sends Himself down in inferior or second-best packages. Adoption is a beautiful metaphor of the Christian life. We have all been adopted.
 You are neither more special, nor less special because of this. You are exactly how God wanted you to be, a sweet little 8 lb bundle that could win a yelling contest, no problem.
We love you Jeremy.....welcome to our world!


  1. What a sweet letter!! And a darling baby!

  2. cute.
    And yay! I found your blog! I'ts a small world...
    It would be fun to see your family again and get reacquainted and hear all your stories:) Cheers!..and keep writing