Monday, August 17, 2015

On Why I'm Not a Writer

I heard the pleading in their voices, and saw the deep longing in their eyes, "Please update your blog," they begged.

Over-exaggerated to be sure, but some of you have been strongly hinting. So here's new reading for you and it's titled, 'Why I'm Not a Writer.'

Sure, I can string words together and make pretty, funny little sentences. I can make you laugh or cry, or stir some other emotion in you. And,

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As a two year old, I enjoyed concepts and words that were much bigger than I. There is a tape recording of me asking my mom to babysit my child while I go to the hospital to have a C-section.

I've always liked words and the art of putting them together to make beautiful things. Of evoking emotion and creating mind pictures.

But that doesn't make me a writer. 

I don't really enjoy writing, and only write when I can't help myself, which is about twice a year. I don't even journal consistently. 

I spent part of a week at Faith Builders in PA and when I was there, I felt a little spark. I quickly ran for my notebook and pen and started an allegorical piece about a campground. I felt a thrill as I chose and re-chose words to fit the narrative. The thrill of new ideas and old words coming together on paper to create something new. Maybe there's hope.

Part of the problem is lack of material. Or lack of the right kind of material.

The material I have would raise a firestorm and I'm thinking the fire probably wouldn't be worth it.

But since you insist on knowing, they would be along these lines:

Why Multi-Level Marketing Products Work

The Truth About Multi-Level Marketing Products

Why Mennonite Men are More Interesting Conversationalists than their Female Counterparts, and How This Problem Could Be Helped

Singlehood- and the role of the Unmarried in our Churches

Why Apple is Better than Android.

Just kidding about that last one. 

You see what I mean? I have enough ammunition to fuel a sewing circle. 

Maybe when I grow up, I'll be a writer and write on worthy topics with such passion I can't help myself. Until then, you will probably see me only occasionally on here.

Peace~ Vicki


  1. Oh, goodness!!! Please write about the 3rd one, if you aren't going to write about anything else. What makes me think we Hershberger ladies must be breaking all the "proper Mennonite rules"!! :)

  2. I'm with Marylou! I'd love to hear your thoughts on #3! When we first came to the Mennonite church, I would often sit in on the guys conversation. I kind of shudder to think how rude I must have appeared to the ladies. But, the men's topic of conversation always seemed a little meatier. Maybe we need a little firestorm to get our blood pumping. :)

  3. Amen and everything! You might as well be me. :) I agree with every tit and every tat of this post, and especially number 3. Let's just turn that statement into a STATEMENT, shall we? I recently confessed this very thing to my boyfriend...that I generally enjoy men's conversations more than ladies'. Oh my. Let's talk soon, ok?

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